My little sister had an electric guitar she never played and since I'd really been getting into my acoustic , playin some cool songs I decided I wanted to use it.

Turns out it was missing a chunk in the back of the neck, to the point where the metal rod for the neck is a little exposed. the chunk is abou 1cm x 1cm with a crack.

It has not been used in almost a half of a year, and some strings are missing and are old, so I need to get some new ones.

My question is what should I do, and does the chunk effect the sound?
It is a Epiphone LP Junior Special Electric Guitar.
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It's can be a contraction and genitive case.

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it probly would it would interfere with the natural vibration of the wood and also the truss rod probly will bend easier if its cracked, especially if its down the wood grain, my advice: SCREW IT! GET A NEW GUITAR!
I'm not too sure why you'd be worried about how it would affect the sound...you're not recording anytime soon are ya, or going on tour?? I think most of us aren't luthiers so how to fix it is probably beyond us. All I can think of is to fill it with wood filler, sand it down smooth and paint to match...?? A luthier should be able to fix it, otherwise play it like ya stole it, and when it falls apart get something else.
if the rod is exposed, then the neck is probably not stable.

worst case, the tension from the new strings, might break the neck, or the neck might already be warped.

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If you've got a router you could always route the edges of the chunk out smooth so you can replace it with a piece of maple that would fit in there clean. Just glue it in with wood glue and file/sand it smooth.

That's the only thing I can think of that would fix it. You might even be able to file out the hole to get it ready to accept the new piece if you don't have a router, and it might be easier than the router option since it'd be pretty hard to use a router on the back of a neck.

Good luck with it.
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