I have a simi-custom guitar (made out of an old crappy guitar) that has 2 single pickups and 1 humbucker however it's spelled it always used a 5-way switch for modes but sense I can't find them for sale anyware I was wondering if a 3-way would work. I'm assuming it will but I've never done any wiring before so does anyone know for sure if it would work, to be more specific this is the 3 way I will be using


with 2 of these pickups

and this humbucker

I doubt that makes any differance but I just thought I'd add details.
I completely forgot about eBay for some reason
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Well, their other pickups are better, and around the same price.

I would personally only get their Vintage '59. "Vintage" output pickups are capable of more than people think, with the right amp.

Then just get these:
http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/5albostpi.html - for the middle position.

I don't know that tele pickup will fit in a normal Strat routing (I assume your guitar is Strat-ish).
yeah, I think its a strat copy or somthing like that, but I haven't seen what it looked like orgially in a few months before I really cared
The first link was PERFECT, and less then what I was going to use Thanks!
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