I'm picking the bass back up and was looking for something I can use for practicing around the house which wouldn't instigate the threat of a divorce lawyer, and something I can plug the ol' iPod into. I've seen the amPlug for guitar (looks cool, but howzit sound?), but haven't seen anything for bass really. It doesn't appear the jampod is available any longer as a visit to the website for DVForge has a message saying the domain may be for sale. There's 2 left on amazon last I checked. I also saw Tascam has a "Phrase Sampler" but I'm not really interested in buying *another* mp3 player.

That's the wonderful part of being a bassist: being treated like a third-class citizen when it comes to gear, and being made to wait for the bass version of a wildly popular goodie for guitar.

Anyway, does anybody have something they'd recommend? Any I should stay away from?

You help is greatly appreciated in this!
Mike Cozen
Fender Custom Shop Kubicki Ex Factor
Some Trace Elliot head and 4x10 bottom I've had for ages...
Yeah, it's been a while....
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im almost positive amPlugs can work on Bass. and i bought a friend the Metal amPlug and it sounds great.