I have a C-1 Classic, if I were to switch from .10's to .11's, would I need to get it set up or is there not a significant difference?
unless its got a floating bridge like a floyd rose or wilkinson there will be no major difference. maybe some fret buzz. but in my experience there was no problems switching gauges
You will need to adjust intonation and maybe string height though that's not essential. Your truss rod may or may not need a very slight adjustment.

It won't require anything that you can't do in 5 minutes.
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maybe, most likely not - just try it out.

worse case, you switch back to .10's until you have the time/money to get it set-up.
Ok thanks for the advice, and acquiesence if that was at me, I want to switch to .11's because .10's feel too thin in my hands
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what about going down a gauge from 10's to 9's? i really dont wanna mess with truss rod at all

I went from a guitar perfectly set-up for .10's to hybrid slinky gauge and it was still perfect.
You won't really have to tocuh the truss rod unless shifting 2 or more gauges in either diretion, assuming that your guitar is already set up correctly.
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