so i've just had a look at this guitar and i'm going in this weekend to try it out. Has anyone ever played this model?

tell me what ya think, seems great for the price.

i would also be ordering it off this site because it has a small cosmetic scratch on it or something but nothing im too worried about.

sorry - i have not

searching on Rogue HH might help a little but i didn't see much except for their bass guitars.

also, it helps if you guys state in your thread or title what it is your url is directing us to so to eliminate un-needed searches.

it will also help others later when they use the Search box to find info as this thread will then show up for them as opposed to going no where with no responses.

good luck!

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Never heard of it, but it looks like a solid guitar for the price. I think Musiciansfriend has a 45 day return policy also, but that may exclude blemished items.