Hi, everytime I go to youtube there is always www.youtube.com/iyt

It won't go to the regular homepage where it shows what other people are watching, etc.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I've search the "help" part but it doesn't help.
Yes!! How do I get rid of that
Can't find it anywhere to take it off
Bellow your username theres like a little link that says opt out of beta, or something like that
Don't see that anywhere. I even CTRL + F 'it and it doesnt find it
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Anyone know how to fix this?

1 - Whine about it, like the world is coming to an end.
2 - Since this is a Youtube problem, go directly to Ultimate Guitar.
3 - Whatever you do, DON'T look for help on Youtube.
. . . They might actually have an answer in their support system.


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That is the exact link that makes you opt out of the beta.
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Thanks . deleted everything, logged backed on, and it said OPT out of beta.