Does anyone here have ANY experience with the Ibanez Thermion all tube AMPs?
Ive been trying to find some info on them for a while with little luck. No store near me has any either. Theres just 5 videos on youtube, 3 of which the guitar volumes pretty low, cant really get a feel for it. 1 has heavy distortion, and another, sounds pretty awesome to me, but neither of them are with direct feed sound. Its all cameras.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=lvn7YhsIy0U (I like that tone...)

Thats through the head... But, is any pedals in the mix?

Im looking for some details on the amp, like... is it good for rhythm? lead? pedal recommendations? Are there any amps that sound like it?

Anyone recommend some tube amps (GIGABLE ones) that would give me some nice heavy low end great for rhythms, and refined, almost Steve Vai like leads? (for UNDER $1400) (ALSO, Id really like it if it had some nice cleans, I heard that the cleans on the Thermion are pretty good...)
Thermions are pretty brutal dude. They definently have their own unique tone. You can switch em to 6550s and that improves the sound dramatically. They really have a great high gain channel! Also as far as buying an amp Hit up a fellow UGer for a used mesa rectifier or something I'm sure you can get it shipped for 1.4gs.
I've heard people say they're awful, and some people say they're great. Your best bet is to try one.
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A big part of tone is personal preference. Some things will always sound bad though cough cough marshall mgs. As far as tone goes this thing definently has it. It's unique. that is why some don't care for it and some love it