Anyone on here have an Ibanez SRX505 or has anyone tried one? I'm thinking of a 5 stringer and I found one of these at a local shop. I'd appreciate any comments on it if you've tried or owned one. Thanks.
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Never heard of a 505, don't you mean the 595? I own a Ibanez SRX 595. I do like it very much, it's not a very versal bass imo it's made for metal like music and has a really aggresive attack tone to it. thiers a sound clip of it on my proflie if you like to lissen how it sounds if you haven't lissened to it allready.
This bass is awesome! Its one of the Soundgear models. I had shopped around for a while for a really good bass and this is it!! I used to play a 4 string and getting used to 5 strings takes a bit of practice, but the sound quality is outta this world!! Definitely recommend one! I bought mine on Ebay with its hard case for $310 with 2 day priority shipping included. I feel like I stole it.. Cant rave enough about this bass! Im in a band and give it 2 thumbs up!!