So I am thinking about purchasing an overdrive pedal while I currently have a solid state amp (I will upgrade to tube amp when I have a summer job.)

I would use it mainly for lighter gain solos ( I am in a metalcore band but would like to introduce some more progressive elements; think between the buried and me low gain solos.)

I was wondering if I could also use it, while on my lead channel, as a boost with the gain down on the pedal and the level up without creating a massive amount of feedback as I know when you use distortion pedals on an already distorted signal that's what happens.

Thanks for the advice!
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You might as well buy it, it'll prove much more useful with a tube amp, anyways.
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it'll work. don't drive it like you would a tube amp. but it'll work. i've done it with my Kustom kga65.. its a SS along the lines of a peavey transtube.
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yeah it will work fine.

any minute now someone will come in here and fukcing freak out because "they only sound good on tube amps"

ignore them.