so yeah this was our first time playing live so we were all pretty nervous. its not bad but not great.
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that was very good...def impressed, keep it up
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pretty good. but to add some crit, your drummer needs some work IE keeping tempo.

you changed speed, and you gotta turn up the guitar
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Great job. The girl nailed the solo, Just waaaaay to quiet. Love to see another vid.
I'm just happy to see a kid that age singing in key for the most part
The singer kind of sucks, and the drummer is pretty good, but needs to keep a better tempo. Not enough gain either.
yea, good for a first show, but there definitely needs to be some work done with the tempo and the guitar needs to be louder. other than that, it's pretty good.

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It's a softer acoustic song...alot different than this one you were covering lol.
nothing to see here
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Yeah the singer def needs improving...all mono tone ,like he has no feeling...its ozzy for christs sake....blast it out!