I Want to buy a THD Hotplate for my Ceriatone because its Really loud which isnt the best for Bedroom practicing between gigs, but Ive read several sites about The Hotplate and Attenuaters in general and they say watch for tubes "red plating" and also that it can blow your Amp. What should i look for to prevent such things? i assume Red Plating meens the Tubes get red?
Using a hotplate is no different than playing the amp loudly. It's actually safer because the load is purely resistive. If your amp works fine at loud volumes, it will work with a hotplate. People think hotplates are bad for your amp because 1: they eat through their tubes faster because the amp is running hot (duh), 2: if the amp is poorly made it could develop problems just from being cranked so much or 3: they don't understand how the hot plate works.
As long as you realize that you'll go through tubes faster with the amp turned up more, there's nothing to worry about. Your amp won't redplate with a hotplate unless it's already doing it.
Long story short: no, it won't blow your amp. Ceriatone does good work.
Ahh Perfect man thanks. I know Nik did an Amazing Job with the amp, i was just wondering if the Whole Redplating stuff was for every amp and it was the Hotplates fault. I Wont be using it all the Time, but i dont mind having to Change tubes more often.