I live in the Atlanta, Ga - the supposed Pawn Shop capital of the US.

Tomorrow, I will be hitting up some of the most popular guitar shops.

I will be taking pictures and writing down prices to give anyone who cares an idea of pawn shop guitars.

and maybe, I will bring one home.

and yes, I am bored.
You can get some great guitars at pawn shops with a little luck. PM me if you see any $100 or less Schecter C-1 Classics in good condition

.... what? it could happen
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if you could spare the gas you should cruise up to blairsville ga. the pawn shop there has a really good selection of guitars including 3 jacksons one is a J-30 RR the other two are dinkys. i liked the sammick lp jr copy. set neck, 2 buckers. green marble finish. several ibanez and washburn guitars, and a bunch of basses too. i didnt agree w/ all his prices, if i was reading the sticker right. one of the jacksons a red dk-2 i belive w/ floyd and locking nut was like 300. i was just looking so i didnt try to haggle w/ him.
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Quote by fenderdude06
bring home a gem

Uh, he wants a guitar, not a gem.

Duh. dummy.
I don't know if this place is close to Atlanta, but you might want to give it a shot.

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Music Go Round had awesome prices last time I checked. Too bad there aren't any in Florida...
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Uh, he wants a guitar, not a gem.

Duh. dummy.

What if he wants an Ibanez "gem"(JEM)? Lol.
The golden rule of pawnshops, you never find anything when you are looking for it. That's why I just stop when I pass one. My record with a friend of mine was 58 pawnshops in one day without a single purchase, did get some free popcorn.
why dont you buy the cheapest guitar you find and then smash it or set it on fire at your next gig :0
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