Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me figure what scale his vocal solo in from 3:42 to 3:58 in this video. Jason Mraz-Butterfly

If it helps chords are:
Am7 Bm7 Em7

I'm guessing the song is in G Major by the chords. But is there anything else in the vocal making it extra funky? or just his phrasing?

All help is appreciated, thank you.
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it sounds like he is repeating some of his notes in the solo, and there is one part when he does a slide with his voice, i think thats it though
Hmmm, thank you for your ears guys. I know it is a odd and tough question, which would explain the varied answers. I'm going to test em out with my looper, see how it sounds.
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don't kill me if i'm wrong people but i'm gonna go with F minor/G# major

F minor is relative to Ab major, not G# major. You shouldn't state both as it's one or the other; they are not the same key.