I picked one up at my music store, used, for $250 CAD.

Mine has a leather covering, and says special edition on it. It comes with a very rudimentary manual (that they printed off) so I don't know much about it.

Does anybody have any information or know where to get some? All google results are about the Flextone III.

I'm particularly looking for:
When they stopped making the Flextone II
How many watts is it? (There is a single 12" speaker)
What's this 'special edition' thing?
How much should I have paid for it? (I have 30 days to return it.)


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you go a really great deal. they are actually really nice modelling amps. i dont have much information on it though. my old guitar teacher had one. sounds great. we need pics and sound clips though haha. enjoy

Select 'flextone II' from the list and all your info is there.

Congrats on the amp,. you'll probably get a good re-sale value on that. I recently won a Flextone2, cab and floorboard on ebay for $600 (AUD) and I'm picking it up on Wednesday.
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To the above: thanks.

Does anyone know how long ago they stopped making the Flextone II's?

I don't even know the approximate age of this thing.
I saw a flextone II for 100 bucks once. I missed a good deal, but I don't really care...
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