Well was trying not to procrastinate for once in my life and I was reading this email that my Latin teacher sends his students the night of a homework assignment being due.

Well, using the name I have here, I was the only one with an email address that didn't need ridiculous numbers and underscores in it to be accepted, because it was unique and out of the box (my friend thought of it, it'd make sense if you know me).

So, these lyrics came to me and the second paragraph is the chorus and the first is the intro verse. Critiques and comments always welcome

Look at me in the sea of ordinary
The others float, I swim
H and O keep their faces dry
Oh, learn to swim and experience

We may have invented the wheel
But based on minds we live to feel
Lets walk this city with our feet on concrete
Kicking until the sun sets us home
"Don't panic, everything is falling neatly out of order"
- Douglas Adams
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