Without going into detail: I was almost scammed, and the idiot deserves to be punsihed. I know he has already gotten other people from this scam, so I want to bomb his account and overload it... or at least make him sift through a thousand emails of junk...
Any ideas?
You know all those ads you see all over the place? (disable adblocker)

Sign his email address up for every one of them.

Especially porn sites.
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I've done that, but those seem to take a lot of time on my part... I have been doing that though
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How did you fall for the spam?

I wanted a PS3, he had one for cheaper than most (not even unbelievably cheap... $400 NIB) so I went with him and his "shipping company" sent me a really bad and dodgy email about "paying through a money gram sent to grease"
Not Greece, grease.
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Register his email address to a bunch of sketchy sites as well as pornography sites.

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