Well, the nut of my guitar broke and I'm planning to replace it myself. And I need help from you guys.

Replacing the nut means removing all the strings. I've heard about something happening to the neck when you remove all the strings because of the sudden change in tension. Is that true? How can I prevent this from happening?

If someone can give me a brief but exact explanation on how to replace the nut and set up a guitar, that would be great.

I have a strat, if that matters.

If you need pics, no problem. Just tell me and I'll post them here

if it caused damage to the guitar you wouldnt be able to change your strings.

its a strat so im guessing theres no locking clamp or anything? im pretty sure that the nut is glued in. should be straight forward, but im not sure how youd get it out without damaging the neck.
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i replaced my nut (haha) and i just pried the old one off with a flathead screwdriver. I dont think the neck got screwed up by a change in tension

EDIT: if you are afraid of the tension changes you could always just take off 1 or 2 strings at a time and let the guitar adjust for a while. Im not sure if that would do anything though. You can also take the neck off.
EDITEDIT:I consulted my guitar book and it didnt say anything about the guitar neck getting screwed by a drastic change in tension
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The only way it would really be bad for the neck is if you took the strings off and left it for a while. This means that over time the wood in the neck will recoil slightly without the massive string tension holding it in place. This sucks because when u restring it..the guitar will go outta tune loads as the neck bends back under the tension and due to the possible change u may well have to reset up the action on your guitar once the neck has set itself with the strings. Pain in the ass.

So basically..plan what you are gonna do and how you are gonna do it....before you take the strings off. Then, once u have put in the new nut restring as soon as u can...obviously letting the glue set first if thats what u need to do. You may have to adjust the truss rod again a bit but thats no big deal.

Sorry for blathering on..

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