alright basically the 4 pedals which i want are an overdrive/distortion pedal, a delay, a tuner and a noise suppressor

i have pretty much set my mind on getting a tubescreamer for the boost but im not sure about the others

most people bash the distortion pedals from boss but how do their delays etc stack up?

what would you guys recommend?
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The DD-7 is supposed to be pretty cool.

Korg PitchBlack: Tuner
ISP Technologies: Noise Suppressor
digitech digidelay. almost as same as DD-6 but alot cheaper
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If you want the ultimate...
Overdrive/Light Distortion- Skreddy Screwdriver
Heavy Distortion- Toneczar Openhaus
Tuner- Korg Pitchblack
Delay- Toneczar Echoczar or Eventide Timefactor
Noise Supressor- ISP Decimator G-String

Boss delays are good value for money, but delays such as the ones I mentioned are in a whole other category.
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