How do I practice playing them? My fingers are really short so, I can't seem to do any of those chords. Can someone give me an alternative solution to playing these chords? Or maybe some exercises to practice? Thanks. (Sorry if this is the wrong board, can someone direct me to the right board?)
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since everyone's fingers are a little different, experiment with which part/angle you have your index finger...you just gotta find that part where the bone is like my finger is tilted slightly to the left whenever i barre anything
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ya, tilted slightly to the left.

start barring the first 3 strings and work your way to 4, etc..

it will take a lot of practice - it will hurt.
Think of a barre as using one finger to cover more than one string on a given fret. This might be only two strings. A barre isn't necessarily a substitute capo, covering all strings at once. For example, you can play a cowboy D chord with three fingers holding down strings, or with your index finger covering the G and E strings on one fret, and your second finger covering the B string the next fret up. That's a barre chord!