What are some good jazz songs and some good blues songs to start out with, to help increase dexterity in both hands, and help with finger picking.

ive been playing for two years and im not toobad, but not extremely great with lead, and a friend of mine said if you get pretty decent at jazz and blues riffs and leads, they can help alot with your finger speed and strength because of alot of hammering and pulling off with out distortion and stuff. and also im trying to learn to finger pick and im getting better. i can pick most of stairway to heaven and Nothing else matters. thanx for your help.
Right now im playing life by the drop by stevie ray vaughn, a great song. Not sure for fingerpicking, i just played dust in the wing, but that is not what you are asking for i guess.
Take Five - Dave Brubeck(String Cheese Incident does a monster version on carnival '99)
So What - Miles Davis
Greensleaves (for fingerpicking, kinda hokie but it' a pretty cool song actually)
Texas Flood - SRV
Sweet Home Chicago - Robert Johnson
Green River - CCR
The Healer and Chill Out - John Lee Hooker and Santana
I'm a King Bee - Muddy Waters
Sweet Sixteen - B.B. King
The Thrill is Gone - B.B. King

*Anything by Junior Kimbrough or R.L. Burnside, the beginning and end of all music, check them out, there is nothing more true than these two.*
Do not concentrate on the finger for you will miss all the heavenly glory.