as a joke i'm writing a death metal jingle for tube socks for school. any ideas for catchy lyrics i could use?
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Look at bands like Dethklok, and just use the same patterns. It doesn't even have to make sense.
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Put this:
"Tube socks are metalz. you can shoot into them when you cum blood!!!"
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You folks like tube socks?
real tube socks?
from the isles of wal-mart!


you get the picture...

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sweat of a man after war has been waged
blood on his tunic and some rust on his blade
victory march has it's valor reclaimed
cause the socks on his feet were expertly made

i dunno something i came up with on the spot, it's not much but it's a start, look at the who sell out, a great album with made up jingles, you could use that as well for a bit of inspiration