I've been playing guitar for about a month now, and I've just realized I can't upstroke and downstroke a chord in fast repetitions.
While playing In Bloom(Nirvana), there's a part where you have to do those upstrke-downstrokes for a few different chords. This is where I realized i can't upstroke.

Now, onto the problem.
The chord is:
el-------------- The strumming pattern is down-up-down-up-down (5 strokes) for each
Bl-------------- chord.

The part that gets me is the upstroke, I just end up playing less than all three strings, or getting stuck at one and making that (bad) plucking sound. Maybe I'm holding the pic wrong as I
So my question is, how can I fix this bad habit? Surely there's a certain technique that I'm missing. Maybe a quick chord exercise could help me practice too.

I hope I'm not asking for much, considering I'm a beginner,
but thanks a bunch anyway.
There is really no trick to it. You will hear this more than once on the forums, but practice.
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You just have to practice, i had that problem when i first started. You'll get better, don't worry
i guess i'm making a big deal about it, but it's just that my guitar teacher expects me to get it down the first time he shows me, instead of helping me fix it. i've honestly learned more from here than my teacher.
Hello fellow newb.

Try strumming slower making sure you hit every string required. Slow and steady wins the race.
^ +1 just remember to get ALL the strings required and to go abit quicker... try to go along with your metronome.. and if you dont have one get one.
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