Well, around 2 years ago i developed carpal tunnel to the point where my doctor said i nearly needed surgery. I wore a brace for almost a year straight and have been fine for the whole time, but today I feel off of my longboard and when I was falling I put my arms out to take the fall. In doing so, I bent my wrist very far back, and now i am feeling pain much worse then I ever have.

Is it possible that this fall could have brought back my carpal tunnel?

and i should add
I put this in bass guitar because I believe that this is a different problem to a bassist who finger picks with his right hand.
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Probably not CTS, but you could have a sprain or related injury. I shattered my wrist falling like that once. My advice, seek not the bass forum but a physician's opinion post haste.
yeah definitely a fractured or sprained wrist... its happened to me twice
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I dunno maybe. Maybe since it was injured already and you fell on it, you just injured it worse. You should probably go to the docters or somethign to get it checked out.
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I am going to my doctor if this pain continues, I am mainly just wondering if anyone had something similar happen to them
i'm not a doctor, but i play one on TV.
"i fell off my skateboard, and now my wrist hurts." omg! let your wrist recover a couple of days, and you'll be fine.

Edit: if it's swelling, or showing signs of discoloration(bruising), get your ass to the doctor, like now!.
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Do it, man. Go to the doctor! I fell off a trailer 3 years ago, and walked about for 2 days saying "Nah...'s jus bruised". When me arm looked like a Parma ham I went to the A+E, and lo'n'behold; 'twas broken. Lesson: don't be all stoic about it. Hands and arms are quite important to guitarist and bassist alike.