So I presume it'd be easier to glue the wings to the 'core' then cut it, But does it still work well enough to cut then glue?
I ask because I'll be starting to gather parts for a build in a few weeks, and I don't really want to take the whole neck and body to my school to cut it on the band saw.
Thanks guys.
I'd think it would be difficult to properly clamp the piece if there were any contours cut.
ive seen people cut the inner parts of the horns first then glue and then glue the rest

unless you leave little square parts along the body's edges, i dont see how you'll be able to avoid bringing it to school
You just need to make sure you keep these bits around (the bits marked in red):

Just rough cut the outline at school, making sure you don't exit the piece diagonally for the sake of convenience (for obvious reasons), and use the leftover bits for clamping when it's time to glue it at home. Then you can clean up the outline by sanding it.