First off I'm not asking for advice, I know the pit isn't a doctor Just wondering if anyone here has any serious medical conditions and if you would like to share what are they?
Personally I'm in end-stage renal failure and going on dialysis next week, with a transplant scheduled for late July. Things like this can suck for kids and teens.
I have a hearing loss since birth and they recently found out that I have a hole in my right eardrum. So I might have to get ear reconstructive surgury. Im going to the Hospital for Sick kids in Toronto in June even though I am 15 to see a specialised and he will decide from there. Sadly there is no chancce of regianing any hearing back. But its not bad enough that I can't still play music . I have to wear two hearing aids and, but they are really small and you can't tell that I wear them if you don't know me.
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TS, the manner in which you present yourself here is very odd.

please explain further good sir.
I have a faulty kidney that could fail at any minute and ive had to undergo very painful procedures for it, but id rather not include that info
Erm... Diabetes, Tourettes Syndrome, and Chronic Urticaria (which is just a fancy way to say that I break out randomly in hives). Thats about it.