Hey guys, right now im working at Subway part time. Every 2 weeks I get my paycheck, and the average wage I get is $120 only. I dont work that much. how much do you guys make (for the part-timers)? Is $120 every 2 weeks very little? I was thinking of finding another job. Should I?
When I was younger I worked... about 5 days a week, usually the weekends and a few hours after school. I got about $400 every two weeks.
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I work at a jewelry store in Oklahoma and I get 415 at least every check. I get a check every two weeks as well. You need a different job my friend.
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I get about $160 every week and I work about 20 hours a week...so yeah, $120 every TWO weeks is like peanuts....it depends on where you are and what minimum wage is and how long youve been working there...Ive been working my job for almost a year so Ive gotten a pay raise or two
I currently work from about 25-30 hours every 2 weeks and make about 200-240 a paycheck.
Could be better but meh, my jobs decent and usually pretty fun.
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Yeah, I don't think my boss likes me very much
And Oregon is one of the highest states with minimum wage, $7.95 an hour
And I still make **** money
It all depends on how many hours you work.

I work about 14 hours a week and i get about $70 per week. So you're not doing TOO horribly bad but more hours or a different job wouldn't hurt.



My boss doesn't give me much days to work, really the past two weeks I've only worked Saturdays
Yeah I need to find a better job
I make about $200 a week working at a grocery store working 5 days a week.
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Damn you guys make so much more money than me
When I got my 2 paychecks today with a total of $300 (from 1 month) I was happy but wow you guys make that much every 2 weeks sh*t
i work at kfc i get about A$100 a week for avg. 2 shifts. its good money but i hate the place.

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I'm a server at an Italian Club, and the pay is brutal. On average, each paycheck is under $100 haha.

But I worked full time in the summer, and i was getting paid $250-$300 a week, so I got mad cash flow.
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I'm only working saturdays for like 5 or 6 hours and I make like 100 every two weeks. I just started there though. I'm expecting pay to pick up when I start working 5 days a week and get a raise.
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I get about $300-$380 on average, per 2 weeks.
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I work 3 or 4 days a week and my paychecks are ususally $450 or so, not includng tip-outs. But I'm a chef.
$6.75 an hour...
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I'm a delivery driver for Papa John's and I get 6.79 hourly, and I work about 15 hours a week. So that makes for a $170 bi-weekly check. BUT, I get tip money. So with average tips I gross about $330 bi-weekly. But after gas I net about $240-270. Its not much but its suits my needs actually quite comfortably, and it has the perk of instant cash due to tips. So every night I work I'm guaranteed $20-40 cash when I leave. So I use tips to pay for food and gas, and I save the paychecks for my recording/car repair fund. My car isn't broken, but I'm going to be ready if it does break.

So all-in-all I like my job quite a bit. Its fun - you just drive around - and easy, and the instant cash aspect is cool. The only thing I need is more hours.
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Find out how much you're being paid an hour.

If you don't like the money, either get more hours or find something that pays better.
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Im part time at a hospital doing clerical work and i get £200 a week, its pretty good going...they pay out good beer tokens
In dollars, I get roughly US$80 every week, for ~10 hours work. This alters depending on how long I'm needed for each week, so can vary between ~$60 and ~$100.

So between $120 and $200 every two weeks, I guess.

Every three months, I get a tip-share, which is like, a bonus $60 cash, roughly, though is variable, and I get an extra pay every three months too, which is $80.
8 hours a week, i get like 150 (about $300) good for absolutely no work :P plsu i get my weekends

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I get about 350-400 a week in tips.

But i also work 4, maybe 5 nights a week.