hi mates, I tried the C30 today and it really has the tone I've been looking for, a warm definite crunch, but I'm afraid it's too little for practising with the band, and like all the little amps it tends to be a little trebly at high volumes, so I'm looking into the C50 2x12 for more power, but some people told me the C50 is not as warm as the C30 because the circuit changes a little bit, and the C30's drive channel is a bit more aggressive, is it true? do they really have a different tone and warmth?
Quote by Horlicks
It has a prescence knob, maybe that's the reason

so the presence knob makes the amp sound colder than the C30?
^Colder isn't the right term. The presence knob is essentially a treble boost. You can cut it out if you like.

I say go with the 50. The extra wattage can be nice, and the extra speakers are a nice feature too. And just pull power tubes and switch the speaker output to lower wattage.
That works very well with my classic.
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The classic 50 is a great amp played one for years. Very versatile.
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