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Its a bit silly posting this,
buuuut what would you guys say is a "normal" height for a guitarist with, say, a Strat or a Les so that he doesn't "dwarf" his guitar.. or so that the guitar doesn't dwarf him...
It doesn't matter at all.
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It matters not the size of the guitarist, but what he can do with the guitar.

His dick has to be huge though.
dnt matter how tall u are, all that matters is how u play, but i'de say round 6'0 foot

EDIT: bet by the spoon
Well, if you're Buckethead's size then generally the standard size guitar looks a wee bit small. But doesn't really matter.
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do you know about a guy named angus young...........
hes very short
but needless to say hes a wicked guitarist
It doesn't really matter about height more or less weight. From personal experience, or course being me because I'm a fat guy, Guitars look smaller on fatter people, no offense and it sometime plain looks bad when you rock on with the not so loosest of clothes you have, I've been told that. In short don't gain weight.

If you aren't as tall as Brian Carroll, you are too short.


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If you aren't as tall as Brain Carroll, you are too short.


It's Brian. lol he's like 6' 7"
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i hope that doesnt happen to me... im beginning to be too large for all of my instruments.
When a friend of mine tried my jackson rr3 it looked extremely small on him because he's really tall and big sized. It fits me just right.
but to answer your question, I don't know.

Malcolm is pure Badass, regardless of the hilarious height to guitar size ratio
The Spoon couldn't have said it better...which is why i sigged it
6' 230 is perfect size for schecter hellraiser
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You know what a tall guitarist means! *wink wink*...

... small dick, I'm afraid.
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imo, it looks a ton better if you are a small guy. Rhoads for example. tiny guy. the V looks ****ing amazing on him. wylde is big, yet he still pulls it off. so i guess each case is different.

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One thing which is slightly relavent to this is taller people tend to have hands/fingers which are a lot wider than they are long compared to shorter people.
I've never considered this before. I'm 6'3 and I was thinking about buying a Telecaster, but if it's going to look out of proportion on me. I might have to go with a larger guitar.
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It's Brian. lol he's like 6' 7"

... shit.
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I used to be in a band called The Filth Patrol who had two guitarists, one was 6ft8in and the other was 5ft2in.
They looked a little oddball together, but the contrast got us noticed.
Dimebag = shortarse
Alexi Laiho = shortarse
Buckethead = Giant
Steve Vai = pretty tall as well.

It don't matter foo'
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Malcolm is pure Badass, regardless of the hilarious height to guitar size ratio


I'd say as tall as a tree...

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