I play for my church and I've been wondering, what I should do while they're just playing chords, like christian songs always do.
So like, just some effects and some fill-ins and stuff like that, not overly strong.
But I just want to know when to hit the notes, and where the notes are, etc etc.

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u can pick the triad or maybee bend the root or third of the chord not much u can do in church music hmm maybee hit root note natural harmonic
metallize every song lol... but seriously play little licks above the chords but not too much. just get the key of the song and improv. a little over it
Play Octaves with cool harmonies like when I was playing to a A#5 chord I played a octave at the 9th fret on the Low E String. Sounded pretty awesome.
Try either playing notes in the same key, or just playing the same notes that are in the chord that is being played (but play them individually, I suggest arpeggiating).
church huh..

play the tritone of the root of the chord

your best bet would be to figure out the key you are in. from there throw in some scales see what sounds good
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i think you should stomp on your distortion pedal and start playing some metal scales.
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If it's a major chord, notes from the major scale or major pentatonic scale of that key will work. Minor chord - notes from minor scale, minor pentatinic.

Hitting chord tones is always good, you can't go wrong with that.
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Play stuff like:


Make sure you have an escape route though, because the roof will probably collapse and Satan will be summoned.
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Maybe instead of completely strumming every single chord throughout a song, come up with a cool finger-picking pattern you can use instead.