Not a lot of people know Matt... and I'm not quite sure if this is the genre he'd fall under... but if you like Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson or any type of acoustic artists, you'll love Matt.

Matt Nathanson's from Boston and he's a cross between Dave Mathews and a really good singer i just said that. lol
He's funny and he's got tons of videos on the web. His new record "SOME MAD HOPE" is a lot more studio oriented and a lot different than his live Acoustic Albums. His best, in my opinion is "Live at the Point."

He loves talking to his audience and jokes with them. He's a very cool guy and a hell of an artist.

Tabs or Chords for his music are hard to find and I've only managed to tab a few myself. I'm hoping that this thread can get us a bit closer on chord suggestions.

i like real music and i LOVE matt nathanson. I don't understand why he isn't selling out arenas by now. He's such a dynamic performer. What's your favorite track from Some Mad Hope or from any of his albums for that matter?
Can't really say I dig his stuff. I've listened to a few of his songs because I have a friend who is super into him and from what I've heard, his songs seem pretty bland. They're not bad, but he doesn't seem much different then all the Matt Kearney's and Howie Day's that have invaded adult alternative radio over the last few years. Although I've heard some of his live stuff and I will agree he's very funny and a great entertainer.
I really like his "At the point" album. He's such a funny dude. lol Some mad hope is great though, i like "All we are." he's such an amazing writer