Can someone explain to me what a floyd rose is and the advantages and disadvantages. Thanks :]
It's a type of tremolo system that locks the strings at the nut and the bridge making your tuning alot more stable when using the whammy bar.
very very easy one here. Benefits: none. Disadvantages: bitch to tune and hard to keep in tune, the bridge is never flat so you either have to much tension or not enough to where you cant even whammy. umm the list goes on basically get a stopbar or a neck thru..itll be better in the long run.
i love it. i can divebomb all day without going out of tune. u just gotta no how to take care of it and it wont be a problem
floyd roses are a type of whammy there are various othe rones but there the main one.
there are advantages and disadvantages.

if you can stick to one tunning there good its easier if u have a second guitar without one.

u can do tricks with them and many guitarists us them satch, vai and lots of metal guitarists.

at the start there a bitch when restringing but get a guitar tech to do it for u and watch what he does and aks for tips and stuff.

soem disadvantges are chaning tunnings and restrining but they offer hours of fun well mine does but if u get one make sure u get a decent one like a origonal floyd rose, "edge Pro' (NOT edge pro II or III) or a ZR tremlo i havnt used one but apperntly they are really good