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that's the only explanation!

normally when you break a string it's the little E string... or the B string... or maybe the G string....

But I broke the fucking A string! How the hell is that possible? Has anyone else broken a big string like that?
come to think of it it I tink a is the one string i've never popped. Though I have broken one bass string before
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I broke an a string on my jagstang once, it got shredded at the bridge.
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i suppose its possible, highest string ive ever broken was the B string, but weirder things hve happened
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i only break the E's. But i do know a bassist friend of mine breaking his thick E string. I always thought he was just jerking my chain
all my wound heavy strings have broken on me before, is that not supposed to b normal?

i play kinda hard though
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course dude, my a was the first string i ever broke.
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It could be the saddle.

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I've broken bass strings before.
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I broke a g-string...

while fingering a-minor...

ohhh hohoho.. i saw what you did there.
-raises hand-
Has broken a Low B on a 5-string bass.

But my dad used to work with this 17 year old bassist who would go through like, 6 or 7 strings a night. And he played a 6-string bass.....
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ohhh hohoho.. i saw what you did there.

You peep at paedos sexing minors?
I always break my d and g strings, the other day i broke the low e. I play ****ing hard though, i use 11s and i still manage to break the wound strings.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
My (low) E string unravelled once.
Never broke it though.
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I know a slap pop bassist (not you sean) who breaks his strings all the time, and I mean all of them.

I break my Low E and A more then my higher strings, I put more abuse to those two.
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Broke an E on a bass once

Seen a G snap on a double bass - that's brutal
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My mate snapped the E on his bass once, and like, destroyed the front of his fridge.

...why he was playing bass in the kitchen, I will never know.
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So i'm guessing you didn't divide by zero then?

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Uh, that would be how it replicates/makes proteins.
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