I need to choose a head.
Valveking for $400
Blue Voodoo for $300

What would you do?

My style is along the lines of Winds of Plauge, Between the Buried and Me, and Parkway Drive, etc...
Valve king for parkway drive. My mate likes those bands and he has a valveking
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Valveking. I'm into those bands too, and I tried out the blue voodoo and honestly wasn't too impressed with it.
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I have to agree with the other two and say valveking for what you play.
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valveking? vavleking.....valveking!
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It was such a good suggestion you gave him pi?

yeah, he gave me pi.
awesome, you guys have been a great help, i was leaning towards the valveking myself.
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why didnt you just play like crap?
if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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