I am building a custom guitar with custom wiring and I'm trying to get as many sound from that piece of wood as possible. The guitar has 1 humbucker. And to get many sounds I thought getting a multipole 5way switch will do the job. The thing is: I don't know how to wire it. Please help
The only possible combinations you can get out of one humbucker are:

Both coils in parallel
Both coils, out of phase
Just front coil
Just back coil
Both coils, in series

I don't know how you would hook that up to a 5-way...
blue strat may be right, but-

you really need to be over in GB&C forum if you are building a guitar. we're not sure of what guitar you have either but S1 switching type wiring (in a strat at least) could add more flexibility...again not trying to be a pr*ck - just a suggestion as i'm sure this has been attempted.