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prs se singlecut
23 79%
bc rich mockingbird special
6 21%
Voters: 29.
I played the prs in my local guitar store and i liked it, but i really like the shape of the mockingbird and i have only heard good things about it..
Id go for the PRS, the mockingbirds shape makes it a bit awkward to play (for me anyway)
and the general level of quality in PRS even in its SE series, tends to be much higher than other guitar manufacturers
yer what he said.
Quote by 666_Pounder
If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

Fender Squire Fat Strat Affinity series
Some cheap amp....
REEEEEEEE Pas kala paidaki m tha pareis tin skato kineziki me to vameno rosewood fingerbored... Tha aparnitheis tin ipsili poiothta tis prs( pou stin afinei kai 100E ftinotera).... Oxi axillea min mas to kaneis autoo!
Gia auto loiponj trava tin deutera kai pare tin prs bas kai isixasoume :P
Buy the one that feels the most comfortable in your hands and sounds best to your ears.
I realy like the mockingbirds but in this case you would be better of with the PRS .
The low end PRS aren't that good but this one is quite an exception.
My buddy has one and i found it pretty amazing , realy nice neck and nice smooth tone.