I know this is probably the last place I should ask, but I want a quick turnaround on replies and where else on the net am I going to find a load of people online who like music.

Ok, so I work at a cafe and tomorrow I'm going to be supervising so I get to choose what music goes on. During the week we use the store ipod which is filled with lounge jazz stuff, which gets annoying after you've heard it 50billion times. Most of my music isn't suitable though, I have a fair bit of stuff I can play, but I've already played it multiple times before at work(or some of it I'm just not in the mood for).

So I'm looking for suggestions - bands that aren't too aggressive/loud, have no screaming and don't use heaps of swearing.

To give you an idea, stuff I have been previously playing there has ranged from The Postal Service, to Arcade Fire, to the Punk goes 90s album, to B.B. King.
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john mayer, jack johnson, as tall as lions, augustana, brand new, the feeling, nujabes (hiphop DJ)
mellow music..
Workin' hard or hardly workin'?

done all of those except brand new, as tall as lions and nujabes

1 and 2 because I have misplaced the mp3s on my computer and haven't had a chance to sync to ipod, and 3 because I've never heard of him, I'll check it out.

Keep em coming.
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Malmsteen would be prudish religious freak sex. No Hands, no looking down, all the technical bits and not very good for anyone involved.
Behemoth - Demigod
But no, seriously...
Borknagar - Origin

Deadly serious. It's all folk acoustics. It calms me down to know end.

Oh and
Opeth - Damnation

yeah jack johnson

also maybe the bees, and counting crows

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circulatory system, curtis mayfield, a hawk and a hacksaw, the durutti column, sly and the family stone, and built to spill are all good to name a few!
haha here's some more.. check out some (if you haven't already) stuff from Gabe Bondoc, Passion, The Fray, The Hush Sound, Jason Mraz, John Legend, Mae, Paolo Nutini, We The Kings, and the one and only Radiohead!
Workin' hard or hardly workin'?

some instrumentals
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also, you can't go wrong with some reggae like UB40 bob marley and peter tosh
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Call me Paul. I prefer that.
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Sundowner. I saw them play in a coffee show earlier tonight, actually.
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I remember that

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Jose Gonzalez
Pink Floyd
Jack Johnson

Actually, scratch that:

...Cannibal Corpse!
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+1 to Counting Crows and Jason Mraz, also a song by Mr Special and Laurie Webb called Aren't You Clever. Some Coheed & Cambria maybe? The Sacrament Acoustic - Ville Valo (HIM), some stuff by Hurt, Incubus, A Modern Myth - 30stm (don't shoot me ) one of Stone Sours softer songs, oh and anything by Our Lady Peace. (Julia maybe, or Innocent or Somewhere Out There)

Don't forget to finish off by playing something by Ayumi Hamasaki.
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Try Adele, Devendra Banhart, John Frusciante, James Morrison (no, not The Doors man)
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Dire Straits, Aretha Franklin and Santana.

Ooh +1. Dire Straits are the shizz.
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