Just got a new guitar, needing to switch out the pups (only thinking about the bridge for now.) I've got a peavey classic 30, and i want something with some real bite. I was thinking about just putting in a dimarzio evo from my old guitar in it temporarily, but that's not what i want. suggestions?

it's an ibanez s470, if that even matters.
what's the difference between the SH-2 and SH-4?

edit- nvm. I guess i'll look into that combo, although i dunno how they'll work with the single coil i've got in the mid position. eh, i don't really like the sound of it when it mixes with the other two at the moment, so i'll probably enjoy some unexpected results.
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For the love of god don't put the Evo in there.

Unless you intend to play "For the love of god", in which case it'll probably do ok...
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^ +1, you don't really need hot pickups for classic rock and blues, if anything, you're better without them...
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