Just got PODXT LIVE through the mail there and just so im 100% can someone tell me how to wire it all together. I got it second hand so theres no instructions and I got a PDF from the website but im lazy.

I have to connect:


What ports go into where etc? Im pretty sure ive got enough leads.

Cable from guitar signal goes into ''Input'' or ''IN'', Cable goes to guitar amp from ''Output'' or ''OUT''
Ok so Guitar goes into INPUT
The amp goes into OUTPUT (but is it RIGHT or L/MONO or PHONES)
I'm not sure what ports the XTL has, but do this:

Guitar -> Tuner -> POD input -> POD output to amp.


Guitar -> Tuner -> Amp -> Effects out to POD -> POD output to effects return.

It's really somewhat down to experimentation, but you could try the second option especially for effects (and why not amp modelling too). If you want the amp's distortion and the POD for effects, option 2, if you want amp modelling from POD, either 1 or 2.

Edit: Use the L/mono one, since you only use one (probably mono) cable.
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Ok so Guitar goes into INPUT
The amp goes into OUTPUT (but is it RIGHT or L/MONO or PHONES)

mono out to amp but u need to change output settings to preamp/combo on the pedal then make sure u plug in the amp on the clean channel set all the knobs at 12:00 to really use the pedal u will need to have the book down load it at line6 .com
sorry for the repost but if ur having trouble with jus hooking it up cuz like all pedals theres an output and input ur gonna not be able to use its way to much pedal for jus plug and play stuff get a usb cord hook it up to ur computer go to line 6 download software u might be able to see what i mean,have fun though kick ass pedal
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How do you change the setting to PREAMP?

I think mines is on Studio just now cause I was told thats the best to use :S