Would like to know what these pup's sound like? GFS LIL KILLER's hot

Anyone got them?

Heard good things about them however I've also got that nagging opinion of the Seymour Duncan heads in the back of my mind. I've read a lot of the other threads on this brand and I'm fairly mixed up on the whole thing.

I'm not one for buying the "because I paid £90 for a pup it is obviously better" theory as that's just not true. I know it seems like it though when you shell out a lot of cash for something.

I currently use Kent Armstrong hotrail type pup's and their amazing and were half the price of Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan hotrails. I'm switching them however as they've served their time and I had researched and came up with GFS pup's.

A lot of good has been said about the Lil Killers, but so has a lot of not so good, pretty average, alright for the money type of shi_t.

So Any help or advice would be very helpful.
Dude, get an Irongear Jailhouse Rail.. £29, seriously hot, and they look cool.


I use the Steamhammer and Hammerhead in some of my guitars, and they're fantastic. Since trying Irongears a few months ago, I've not even considered other passives - least of all Seymour Duncans.

Edit: I know that you aren't looking at SDs, but I added that anyway.

I don't know about the Jailhouse Rail specifically, but the Steamhammer and Hammerhead are just as responsive and clear as an EMG 81. They have more than enough output, have balanced voicing (for pretty much any style, ever), and also have an organic tone (not like some cheap pickups, which sound like wet farts). Seriousyl, at £25-30 with free shipping, you can't lose.

Edit2: All of the feedback I've ever heard about Irongear pickups has been positive.
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Cheers man I'll check them oot also. I've heard of Iron Gear, but anytime I ask about one product I always get told about another product and never know what to choose then!!!


Thanks though!!
ok then I'll take that on board. Jeez how the hell can someone say something is so good when another can say they're amazing. I've read reviews about these pickups on other sites and their pretty impressive, fuc_k may be they were all written by GFS employees.

I actually heard clips from someone who had them on their guitar, it sounded pretty sweet.

What to do? Hmmm gotta get more feedback
well, i havea clip of them off mine, they sound okay, but i dont like the...feel of the tone with the way i play. i really dont like ceramic pickups, and i believe that those are. plus, single coil stacked humbuckers have a completely different tone than a real fat humbucker.

i used all 3 in this :

Ok man I clicked on that link and it took me too Strat Bulid Song? Is this the correct clip?

Sounded pretty cool to me, however not my type of tone. I thought that was good? Less I've got shi_t taste or somethin!!

When you say feel what you mean? Like you hit the strings you don't get the right response?

I hit hard ye-see and use a 3mm small stubby pick so I fuc-kin need the right feel when I play also. But my tone I tend to go for sounds like a fast moving digger!! Not so scooped in the middle, if you know what I mean.
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yeah, i didnt scoop mids on that track, yeah string response and pickup response, i just dont like them.

There's nothing worse than playing with a pickup that doesn't work with you.. it feels like you're forcing the guitar to do something it doesn't want to.
Just holding out for some more feedback.

Why didn't you return your pick-ups since you have to rape them to get 'em to work?

You heard of the Irongear stuff mintsauce is talking about?
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Just holding out for some more feedback.

Why didn't you return your pick-ups since you have to rape them to get 'em to work?

You heard of the Irongear stuff mintsauce is talking about?

Probably not, as Irongear are UK-based. Most Americans have GFS or w/e to go to .

There are a few threads on Irongear pickups though, if you want to do some research.
i've got gfs (hotrails and 59) in my les paul, theyre a vast improvement on the stock pickups, but i doubt they'd be anything special if you were replacing a duncan or something, i've heard some bad reviews on irongear also
This is why it's good to ask I guess on a forum, you hear suggestions about stuff then you find out more info and find out other people's suggestions may not be the best either.

Well least you've got a set.

Is there the ability to achieve fat, crunch, cut and definition? What about when trying some clean tones? Is it able? The GFS LIL killer that is?

I might just try these, I mean for the money. I've had Duncan's before and didn't get anything better than what I got with my Kent Amrstrongs which isn't a surprise as he worked for Bill Laurence whilst they developed the 1st single size humbuckers in the late 70's. Or so I've read.

I've heard bad stuff about Gibson pickups, not on older models however, just the more recent stuff?
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my friend put some 50s single coil and a lip stick pup in his strat. they sound real nice. i dont think there on par with the big names, but there not too far behind. the other stuff is pretty rediculously priced though.
I guess if thats the case people's set ups may come into play then when they fit these pickups. Might be worth a cheap risk?
When you buy pickups like duncan or dimarzio you pay for the name. GFS is not the worlds best but its more players opinion. Listen to some vids at youtube and you will here how they sound.
Pretty good stuff. The bridge pickup is great when you set the distortion as raw as possible. I have treble set up to 10, mid at 5 and bass at 8. That way I get powerful distortion when I use the hot lil killer
I've got 10k lil killers in the neck and middle positions of my souped-up Fender Starcaster Strat (an amazing guitar when fixed up by the way), and they are very nice pickups. I use them for blues, rock, and jazz but they work for anything you might want to play. Not only are they a huge improvement over the stock pickups (they were a joke), I really think they are on par with high-end brand pickups.

I don't know if the GFS customer service is any good, I didn't need to deal with them.

By the way, my Starcaster has a Power Rails in the bridge as well, which is also very good. It can do clean tones as well as dirty.
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The hambucker is the revolutionary new pickup that removes unwanted ham from your output signal, and collects it on a croissant with melted cheese.

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