Ok so im "fairly" new at playing guitar. I have just begun to learn my first solo ACDC - Back in black. So far its taking me ages to learn it... if that makes sense. Its taking me ages to learn the solo in comparison to anything else I've tried to play. So my question is basically, any advice for learning solos? also any help on getting my speed up..
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erm, practice slowly at first, slow the solo down. and practice each note seperately, making sure it rings for its required amount of time. using a metronome can help with speed
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take it slow, make sure you have the timing right.

learn each bit separatly. try doing each bar, or each little phrase of widdly diddly bits

when you can do the whole solo with good techique and iming at a slower speed, try doing it faster, then practise at that speed, and so on until you are doing it at full speed, along with the record.
there are a few factors here. One, how long have you played? Two, how much do you practice? For Something easy like Highway to Hell, it wouldnt take that much practice, an half hour a day for couple weeks or so to get it down right. however, if you end up wanting to keep with guitar and do harder stuff, it takes alot of practice to be able to sweep, tap, etc. I've practiced an hour a day since november and can only barely get through One by Metallica, so that shows how much time it actually takes. And by practice, I don't mean screw around with different riffs, I mean sit down and practice scales over and over, exercises for alternate picking, hammering and pulling off, etc.
the way i learn solos (only 1 year experience) is break it up into sections
and practice them slowey then blend them together when you get to each section.
Im lead guitarist in like a classic alternative band and the way i learn cover solos is by getting the structure and the key or whatever of the solo and improvising using the pentatonic scales (and blues scales) untill i get something relatively right....Slash said that when you make a cover you should make it your own and not mimic the artist your covering...just have fun with it
best way to approach most solos i find is if you break it down into bars, learn each bar till your fingers know what to do before moving onto the next. if the speed is an issue then play at a speed that is comfortable to start with (but make sure to stay in time still) then if you follow this method then once your fingers know the solo begin to speed it up gradually.

ps. scales are a great way to build picking dexterity and speed, i advise practicing them a lot and you will pick solos up easier