Okay so i've tried to work a little bit on scales now, and i can some simple scales etc etc. But there's one thing that keeps bothering me.

For Example a Minor Pentatonic scale, i can play the scale, i can use it to slightly improvise a little but it's kinda limited what i can do with it, because i don't understand how some people are able to move around the fretboard and keep doing the scale!
I allways end up standing on the same position playing the scale, i don't exactly know how to move on around the fretboard and still be able to play the scale without messing up. How do i learn and memorise this so it makes sense to me? I would love to be able to play around with scales.

Would be awesome if someone knew a lesson or could tell me what to do! Hope i didn't explain to bad.

The idea is to learn how to play the scale in as many octave as possible, using different areas of the neck to start.
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Learn the notes on the fretboard and learn the scale itself. Currently what you've actually learned is just a section of the scale that happens to occur at one position. The E minor pentatonic scale, for example is just 5 notes, E G A B D , those notes appear multiple times all over the fretboard, so if you know the notes you can locate that scale all over the neck.

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