Hi everybody.

Im thinking of getting a new amp. I've got a few choices. There is the cube 60, the vox ad50vt (or something) , and hughes and kettner 60 watta. i was wondering if anyone could either tell me what would be the best for music such as sum 41, blink, some metallica, blues and rock. If none of these are any good then could you please recommend me an amp under about 8 or 900 dollars.

For $800-900 you can get a nice tube amp. I highly recommend a Peavey Classic 30 with a good OD pedal.. on its own it's great for pop-punk, classic rock, and blues and the OD will push it into metallica territory.


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traynor ycv would be worth a look too...
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I would stray away from the H&K because they are high gain and they would be too brutal for pop/punk type stuff like Sum and Blink.

Any peavey that I've ever dealt with has been awesome - they are generally very versatile when it comes to tone.

And like stradivari310 said, if you're gonna get a tube amp you should invest in a nice OD to give it the boost you need to reach metal territories.
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