does anybody know to much about either of these? i might be looking into a new bass purchase before i go off to college. the price range is really no higher than 800 and thats if i actually end up getting a new bass. i wish i could go out and play these but the guitar center near me only caries lower end trabens and of course doesnt have anything by lace. i play ska, jazz, rock, hard rock. streetlight manifesto, catch 22, reel big fish, bob marley, coheed and cambria, rhcp, rage against the machine, audioslave, metallica, iron maiden, black sabbath etc. any help would be pretty awesome. cheers!
well i suppose a fender standard jazz bass or highway one would do, jazz bass thats what you need but i think metallica and iron maiden use p bass so...
go somewere and like evreyone says go and try them out like thers got to be another music shop somewhere
not really. there is a much nicer store about an hour and a half drive away but they dont carry them either. i play a late 80's early 90's japanese jazz bass already, but thanx. im mainly looking for info/opinions on the two basses in my first post^^