Initially, this was just a solo idea that comprised of the first twelve bars. I then decided to develop it and turn it into some sort of epic mid section to what will potentially be my best composition to date.

Ive used three guitars (four towards the end) to give it a massive, layered sound, which is exactly what I was going for. Harmonically and melodically, a primary influence was Baroque dance suites, which is largely prevalent in the three-way guitar harmony section towards the end. I plan to practice this piece religiously and turn it into something.

Any thoughts, criticism, praise, ideas welcome.

EDIT: Updated, and Im pretty proud of it. I have now come to the realisation that I will probably get no feedback unless I propose crit for crit. So here goes, anyone who comments on this piece will recieve feedback from me on whatever piece of theres they wish. This piece is still unfinished but it's progressed quite a bit since I first put it up.
Epic Metal Progressive Baroque midiii.zip
Epic Metal Progressive Baroque.zip
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Sounds pretty good to me. I really enjoyed the bass part. Sort of reminded me of Between the Buried and Me.
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thanks alot man. The three way guitar harmony part took effort but suprisingly not much time. When Im in the 'zone' as it were I can just fluently compose for quite a long time and everything seemed to mesh instantly with this piece.

Ill take a look and comment on your piece sometime tonight.
I thought it sounded awesome. In some parts of it though, I think there was a little too much going on (at least for me ) haha. But yeah, overall i think its great.

btw, feel free to comment on any of mine
That was, um...very fucking cool. Nothing bad to say about it, but as far as making the entire song goes, try not to make it too similar to this because it would have a really great effect as quite a standout section if the rest of it is a bit different.
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That was amazing.

I love how you have done the harmonies, in a way that if you don't pay attention can be confusing, but when listened to very powerful.

There were some phenomenal moments that were better than the rest and these almost pulled a tear.

This will be a great song.


Please crit mine thanks. Links are in my sig.
I have to remember to keep RSE off for anything of a metal nature.

The first time I listened it sounded like the most awful thing imaginable. The second time, after I turned off RSE I felt like the fool I am.

Really really well composed, really what more is there to say? The only negative aspect to this is that it lacked a really powerful melody to really make it memorable. Vocals could fix that, or since this is only part of a song, you've got the entire rest of the song to establish that with.

Either way, it's great stuff.

Feel free to check out any of my stuff in my sig.
Thanks for your responses! I find with alot of my compositions I have a plethora of ideas and i often find it hard to choose one and establish one as the 'main theme'. Thats probably why progressive-esq music (not always in the traditional 70's sense) suits me, but although progressive, there does still need to be a somewhat distinct theme or hook that reccurs and gives the piece independence and identity. I think that will be my main obstacle with this piece.

I will look and comment on each of your pieces asap, thanks again.

edit: just for some of you who may be interested. Although it may take a while I plan to actually record this as a one-man piece in a year or so, however long it takes. I already have one guitar down, I just need to learn all the others, get a bassist to learn the bass part, and programme a drum machine. All of that after i have actually finished the piece of course. Although it may seem rather farfetched, its one my my primary aspirations at the moment.
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Probably not much point in doing this, many of you may not even use this site any more. Anyway, for those interested, the first minute or so of this tune was recorded and unfortunately meshed together with a second half nowhere near as good as the original composition. Mainly for reasons of playability with the other band members and the fact that it was unrealistic live-wise. We had a wholr EP recorded but shit got complicated and all I have is this. We aren't together any more but on the off chance I thought some of you may enjoy this. (also to show I can actually play this stuff, haha). By the way, it's incomplete and part edited mainly in the second half of the song.

enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnmoY9wJpkA