Hey guys I haven't been here for a while, as I haven't recorded for a while, so I decided to do a new song which was finished yesterday. Have a look in my profile, it is called Rage Storm.

I will write lyrics for it soon and hopefully a friend will provide vocals but it will be a while yet.

I'll crit your songs if you leave a link, but if you write "It was good, I like it", don't expect much back.
Alright well first off I have to get this off of my chest. I have heard lots of amazing compositions on these forums. But I have NEVER started air guitaring while I listening to one... until today. You have officially made me air guitar on your song. It was very... tight? and clear. It reminded me of a Slayer song without the horrible guitar solo. I didn't notice much I didn't like about it, it kept me head banging and wanting to mosh in my living room through the entire song. Your guitar solo showed you had lots of technical skill and feeling, in other words 10x better than me :P. I'm definitely interested in your music now, great work.

Crit mine if you feel like it, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=844412

I just want some suggestions as to what I should change before I show it to my band to finalize and all that jazz. Either way, thanks a bunch.
Well, going through the intro, there is a bit much chugga chugga here. The riffs aren't exactly creative. But hey, what happened? A cool and groovy riff, yeah! This is actually quite groovy and surprisingly not boring to listen to. Your playing is obviously very tight, I coulnd't have done it better myself.

I must say I don't like the tone, it's really digital. But hey, you might not have a giant tube amp in your room either, so I guess you used whatever you could. The solo is great! Very nicely played. The only thing I miss is vibrato! It sounds a little dead without it. It would really come alive and be a truly great solo if you threw in some wide vibrato.

All in all I'm looking forward to hearing this with vocals, I'm sure it will be great!

Crit mine?
Not bad at all, the solo needs some tweaking, but I definatly agree with what hunter said about the headbanging.

Also, Halls of The Damned was the best song I have seen on UG in a while, amazing.
thanks for the crit

i thought it was pretty rockin! tone worked for me, and its good to see someone who spent some time programming their drums properly. some really cool riifs, got me headbanging. rhythm playing was very solid, didnt hear any time inconsistencies. the solo was cool, but it sounded a bit too mechanical if that makes sense, add some vibrato to those longer notes to give them some more life. otherwise very cool, i enjoyed this one!

also, might add that the song structure was great, kept me guessing what was next, and thats important
I think the song would be very dependant on vocals, without vocals it sounds incredibly repetitive. I don't think I could give it a proper critique until vocals were recorded. Production was fantastic, awesome guitar tone. The solo sounded kind of cool, I liked it. Generally sounded good, good work!
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Thanks for the crit.

Awsome track. Sounded very atificial perhaps because you went from distortion pedal straight to the software, but otherwise one of the best tracks here in terms of tight recording, techinical ability and just being a great song.
Ewww, wtf is this honestly, first, I don't like to say this a lot, but try to be creative and put some effort in writing, this is very stock metal, and wtf is with ur tone, omfg i'm going to take a wild gues bass 99, everything else 0.
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Thanks for the feedback guys I appreciate it.

Quote by DSchmitty
Ewww, wtf is this honestly, first, I don't like to say this a lot, but try to be creative and put some effort in writing, this is very stock metal, and wtf is with ur tone, omfg i'm going to take a wild gues bass 99, everything else 0.

I have limited resources, which is why my tone is not that good. Keep in mind I don't have a full studio, I'm doing this in my bedroom. I'm using a £20 USB interface. And, can you just remind me of what type of amp or pedal goes up to 99?

Also, learn some grammar.
Holy **** your rhythm playing is tight man, and you're only 15... damn!!!

I was expecting a really fast shred solo, but it was better that you didnt have a "Slayer" moment in your song so to speak :p

great job
Thanks man, the rhythm took ages to get down, especially the main riff. I practiced for a week full-on before recording this. I'm a big fan of Slayer, but I don't particularly like Kerry's solo's. I try to aim for a more Metallica-type feel in my solo's, but that's not really for me to judge.

Is there anything you want me to look at of yours?
Some of the riffs sound like they were 'borrowed' from Deicide's 'Scars of the Crucifix'.
Thanks for the crit.

Your guitar playing is very good, but your guitar tone could use some work. Turn up the highs a bit. Also the intro riff is a bit repetitive, but it's not bad.

Their isn't really anything else to crit. Overall good job.