Hey guys,
So i recently took my new Valveking 100 head and 4x12 Slant Cab upstairs into my room, and whenever i play it sounds great. Then when it gets to night time, i get a constant buzzing noise. As soon as i switch off standby, whether the guitar is plugged in or not, volume rolled off or not, it buzzes. Is it possible that it's something in the room thats turned on only at night that causes this?
My Gear:
Fender American 60's Strat
Peavey Valveking Stack
Boss ME-50
Homebrew Crystal Bawl Wah
Yeah watch out for any interference, even my cell phone can set my amps ablaze when they're too close to each other. My laptop drives my amp over the edge sometimes (), just keep an eye out, you'll be okay.
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