I think it's another one of those things Aurthur C Clark said he invented.
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what use will it have?

In the future it will replace space shuttles and save a LOT of money.
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what use will it have?

Don't tell me you've never wanted to go into space.
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what use will it have?

Well, at the moment, it costs a fortune in fuel just to get a craft into space. With the space elevator, the idea is to have two elevators joined by a cable which goes over a pully that's attached to a satelite.
As one elevator goes down, the other goes up.
So theoreticaly, once the space elevator is built, we could mine asteroids and place what we get from the asteroids in one elevator which will cause it to drop. As long as the weight in the other elevator is less than the one with the results from the asteroid mining in it, it should be lifted upwards into space, taking people, parts for space ships (or even complete space ships) to be built in space, or any number of things with it.
Absolutely no fuel need be used to get into space once the system is up and running.
Wow, thats really interesting. Stuff like that amazes me!
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