I've mostly been lurking and not posting. Not posting much responses because their not anything anybody else hasn't said, or some posts don't really need responses. People should be more inventive in their searches. if you don't know how to search right, you'll always end up waiting for responses.

so here's a couple of wiring combos I've done recently on one of my guitars. S/S/H strat with one vol and one tone, a stock 8 lug strat switch. the positions as follows:

bridge, bridge + middle parallel, middle, middle + neck parallel, neck.

MODIFIED STOCK (what I have now)
middle, middle + bridge in parallel, bridge, bridge + neck in parallel, neck. I like B+N better than N+M so losing that to gain a mustang sort of sound is a great tradeoff IMO.

with tone knob at 10:
middle and neck in series, middle and neck in series with bridge in parallel, bridge, bridge and neck in parallel, neck

with tone knob at 0:
middle, middle and bridge in parallel, bridge, bridge, NONE. (no sound) making the converted tone knob into a kill switch in position five at 0, and making position four interesting for a blend volume essentially for the neck pickup adding into the bridge signal.

anyone interested in that wiring schematic, ask, I'll draw it up. I'm too lazy to do it normally, but just ask if you really care lol.

I added a 8 ohm 6.5" speaker in series with the four ohm 8" speaker. which speaker being placed first in the signal changes the overall sound. in this example, speaker A is 4 ohm at 8 inch and speaker B is 8 ohm at 6.5".

- speaker A + ----> - speaker B + (a wire between speaker A's positive terminal and speaker B's negative terminal) negative terminal of speaker A connected to the ground of the speaker output and the positive terminal of speaker B connected to the hot wire of the speaker output from the amp.

I'm TOTALLY in love with this sound versus the stock 4 ohm 8" by itself in the amp. it changed the way all the knobs can effect the settings. it's more sweet, less boomy, less harsh highs, more tonally awesome midrange. for anyone wondering, SLM 8" 4 ohm crate speaker (made in USA) and a MG-10CD 6.5" 8 ohm speaker (marshall speaker, made in korea probably as the amplifier was made in korea)

These fun projects are what has kept me busy lately. when fundage comes in I need to get another cable and a project box to have housing for my booster pedal. turning my JFET preamp into a booster pedal. I also saw a little amp modeling pedal I was somewhat interested in. One of my new ideas I have going is a stereo 30w amplifier head+combo. But it would cost roughly about $200 to build. But it would be fun!

so, instead of a couple of short posts, here's everything I've experimented with lately in one post. anybody wants some wiring diagrams just ask. If I can make time later today I could draw them up super quick. paper, pencil, and camera FTW.
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can u make a diagram for the booster pedal, listing the components needed?

Guitar: Aria Excel standard.

Amp: Crate FW112 65W.

Pedals: Boss MT-2, Morley Mark Tremonti Wah, Digitech Hot Rod.
doubt you'll get an answer since he hasn't been online in over a year.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
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Guitar: Aria Excel standard.

Amp: Crate FW112 65W.

Pedals: Boss MT-2, Morley Mark Tremonti Wah, Digitech Hot Rod.