I was in a writers block for SO long, that it wasnt even funny. I thought up of the intro like yesterday morning and spent last night and this morning makeing a song that I would actually listen too. Its heavily influenced by A7X and KSE. Its a mix of those 2 artists and my other works. I really love this song. Also, its a "real song" unlike a lot of songs in here(or used to be in here, havnt been here in a while :P) Because of that, it NEEDS vocals, but im fine with the sound of it without vocals. Finally, I actually spent some time making the drums and bass this time Well, no more talky, heres the song.


Edit: added an interlude to sop the repetveness, and a guitar solo :P
Song 10.zip
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i actually judged from your name that this would be ****

but it was pretty impressive, the intro was great and the transition to the distortion was awesome. the drums were the best part tho, very well written song overall and tasteful use of synth.

the rhythm of your main riff was sweet and then with the lead over the top it shone.

the climax was flawless with the synth building it up.

great stuff man,

mind checking out mine?
Might as well crit this one too .

At first, from the intro I thought this was some kind of glam metal . Probably because of the synth, but not that it's necessarily a bad thing. After the drums came in, everything was great. The atmosphere, the feeling, everything, it was really calm and flawless.

After that, the verse was okay. Nothing astounding there, but nothing bad either. The pre-chorus, though, was full of win. The leads there were just great. Although the rhythm was kinda meh, but the little harmonization rocks!

Chorus was good, as the synth were really cool and prevalent there. But after that, it just repeated itself again. Now, on your other piece, it was fine, as it isn't all that long of a song, but here, it gets dull pretty fast. After the first repetition without any interludes it kinda gets old, and by the third time I just lost interest. You should put an interlude and/or solo there (both would be better ), it would help this song tremendously. As for the ending, well.... never been a fan of fade out, but that's my personal taste . Don't see anything wrong there, though.

Don't get me wrong, the song is pretty good, and your riffs were awesome. It's just that the song just kinda repeated itself, and it gets pretty stale after a while like that. Variations wouldn't hurt, you could change the leads, rhythm, key signature, tempo, anything, so long as it kills the repetitiveness.

But overall, that's a kick ass solid song there, and it had an awesome string part.. Though it could still be improved, right now it is already good. Although, I liked your other one better . But that's just my personal preference, and I'm sure people will find this a great piece. But from me, it's a 7.9/10.

Crit mine? I left the link in your other thread, but you could also find it as the second link in my sig.
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Holy ****ing ****! Let me be the first to say that the piano interlude ROCKS! Yep, it really does. And the guitar solo after that really fits well. Great, although it's pure wanking, but it really fits the song, was utilized well, and just sounded awesome altogether. The interlude and solo really did killed off the repetitiveness, imo. However, I'm not sure I liked how it goes back to the verse. But I think with vocals it would sound good, idk, I can't tell without it actually being there .

Now, it's not so repetitive anymore. This just turned into something made out of awesomeness . 8.75/10 now! Btw, thanks for the crit on mine .
Wow man, that's awesome.

The intro is really pro, and I really likes the prechorus riffs and the timing you had going on there. Chorus is basically same as the intro, but it's done really well, I loved it. The lead in Chorus 2 I thought was going to be really generic after hearing the first bar but then the second bar went up and I didn't think it would do that.

Piano solo was a really nice touch, I wasn't expecting that, and it sounded really good as well. Guitar solo's a bit repeditive for my liking, especially since it's basically just that one arpeggio, but it's not bad. Post chorus sounded pretty epic.

Overall I think it was done really well, it was unpredictable and had some good riffs. It sounds like some kind of gothic metal IMO, but really any kind of metal vocals could match it, and that's what will really define what genre it is.

EDIT: This would sound awesome with black metal vocals IMO, although I doubt you'd have that in mind.
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teh piano was pretty much amazing
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so much energy is lost when you transition into your chorus, all power you've built in the verse transfers beautifully into your prechorus and then you lost all the power you had when you get to the chorus, and while the chorus itself is very powerful you don't have a transition to aim the energy into the chorus
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