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There's this big ass hive in my backyard...
It wasn't there the yesterday.
What I do?
I couldn't get a good pic, but, thats the best I could get...

Have any bee hive stories? Like what did you do to take it down?
Have you got attacked? For the lulz?
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torch it.
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Shove your hand in it to get all the bees' free honey.
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I dunno really
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call someone who knows what their doing
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What I do?

get the yellow pages and call a beekeeper/pest control/etc...

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torch it.

+1, In all seriousness. Bees dont like smoke.

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I dunno really

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smoke then out, i think they'll fall asleep...then kill those mofos

That works?
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mobilize and then strike at the heat, it's too late to be making plans against the bees now?
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wtf is an 'ass hive'?

My bad "big ass hive"
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Rape the beehive. It's the only way.

But seriously, get a qualified pest control dude to rremove it. Are you allergic to beestings?

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Rub your balls on it.

Probably best if you ring something like Animal control or something i wouldn't touch the thing if i didn't know what i was doing.
Blast some Fall Out Boy. Guaranteed, the bees will clear the place 'till next morning.
Buy a can of raid, wait until dusk when the bee's are less active and go out there and spray the hive and run like hell. As someone else mentioned if you can get a good way to smoke them that will also help make them more dormant so you can spray it easier with less of a risk of being stung.

The fall out boy plan would be a good backup, however.
You can call an exterminator if you really don't want to go out there.

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kill them w/ fire
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One supersoaker.

Can of petrol/gasoline.

One long splint.

Fill supersoaker with petrol making sure it doesnt leak.

Pump up supersoaker and dry off the petrol that leaks.

At a safe distance light the splint.

Fire supersoaker and bring splint to petrol stream.

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On the same day, I got stung by three bees on the same toe. T'was extremely annoying. I say burn the mother****ers.
In Belgium we can just call the firedepartement, maybe you can too in the US?
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In Belgium we can just call the firedepartement, maybe you can too in the US?

You waste the fire department's time with bees?
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I suggest pelting it with rocks while you stand underneath it. they'll be afraid of you and fly away.

or pest control.
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Call some local bee-farmers.
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-Can of AXE

1. Walk to beehive
2. Spray AXE
3. At same time hold lighter up to spray of AXE
4. Light the sons of bitches on fire
5. ?????
fire, then when you run out of that,use more fire...
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What would Chuck Norris do?

Better yet. What would Brian Boitano do?
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